Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Athens Street Art

Last month I was in Greece for a few weeks and spent a quick 36 hours in Athens.  I didn't do much but walk around and enjoy the city.  I was quite surprised by the amount of street art and a lot of it was excellent.  I also saw the nicest Obey stencil I've seen along with a few stickers.  Enjoy.

Obey Stencil

Obey Sticker

Another sticker

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Reykjavik Street Art

So I was in Iceland a few weeks ago and spent the first couple days in Reykjavik popping around and taking pictures of what was on the walls.  Some interesting designs, most of them centered around a square just off the main street.

Friday, 15 April 2011

BRP - Street Art Contemporary Prints

BRP had their first opening since their successful Brian Adam Douglas show which aimed to show a range of contemporary street art prints.

According to the gallery:

Since 2007 BRP has been marking our artists’ developments in drawing, painting, printing and collage with the editions that we publish.  Yet printmaking holds a unique status for those artists who work on the street: it serves not only to mark progress but it is also integral to the art making itself.  It is through large-scale printing, etching, screen-printing and stenciling that artists who choose to work in the urban environment have been so prolific over the last couple of years.

As street art and the artists who use the city walls as their canvas become increasingly recognized as contemporary artists by the mainstream museum infrastructure, many of our prints have found themselves in the archives of national arts institutions, namely the Tate and the V&A in the UK, who also want to understand and mark the story.

BRP also was selling a limited edition book of the event, which game with a D*Face print which was out of 150 and priced at £125.  Those sold out at the show.

The show may not have been the best example of what BRP has to offer (for example, some of the other shep HPMs and stencils they've shown recently are incredible) but this collection may have been soley V&As work.

Regardless, always fun to go down there and have a couple beers while looking at art!

3-D - In Europe

Blu - CMYK



Graeme Nimmo - Nemo

Insect - The Executioner

Jamie Hewlett - Big Spongefinger

Kerry Roper - Modern Youth

Pure Evil


Jeff Soto

Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Alternative Royal Wedding Invite - Rag Factory

On another gorgeous evening in East London the Rag Factory hostes an exhibit called RSVPHRH.  Essentially, a collection of designers and artist were tasked with creating an invite to Kate And Will's wedding.  You could buy the works in a silent auction (I believe results to be revealed after the weekend).

Not much to say but in general, they were all quite funny and well executed.  Enjoy!