Thursday, 28 October 2010

ROA in Hackney

Some councils just don't get it do they? While the legitamacy of street art deserves a debate, to remove something that the OWNER of the building wants on there just wreaks of bureaucracy gone wrong.

Sing up to stop Hackney council removing ROA's piece

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Belgian art

Spent a nice weekend in Ghent and Brussels this past weekend and stumbled across some very nice art, including a surprise Roa that was stunning as always. I'm not sure if there's another artist out there at the moment whose pieces are so easily identifiable as Roa's. Very good stuff.

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Great to see a Belgian artist with some work in his own country. He has some prolific imagery around East London (that post is LONG overdue), he seems to be everywhere you look now.

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here are a few other images that caught my eye while wandering around the streets

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this was a huge piece down a narrow alley and hard to grab a good picture of it, i did my best

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last picture, the rest are lost in a haze of 11% beer and buckets of mussels.

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Friday, 22 October 2010

Auction Results

results of the auction from last night:||&lotno=&noperpage=20&cat=&pg=0&orderby=&noofresults=195&catname=Full%20list%20of%20lots

The banksy shark sold for 30k, the girl with balloon diptych didn't sell.

I think it's interesting the Grafter and the Know Hope didn't sell. I've just learned about Know Hope, a California artist who now lives and works out of Tel Aviv. Well worth paying attention to.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I thought i'd start one of these just to just kinda show what the scene is like over here. I'll update it when i can, seems like a good way to show off the gallery scene in London!

The art scene here for Urban Contemporary is spectacular. I try and go to an opening at least once a week and will try to post pics here when i do.

I really shoulda started this sooner cause i've deleted a lot of old stuff (like the Eelus show in Feb, a couple openings at Black Rat, etc etc)

Anyway, may as well start here. These pics are from the Dreweatts Urban Contemporary Preview last night.

This is a Nick Gentry pice, painted on floppy discs. He's one of the better new young british artists i think along with David Walker. I didn't snag a picture of David Walker's piece, but he's worth checking out.

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Here's a Nick Walker canvas. Fresh off his Art Sensus solo show, he's auctioning off this piece to benefit a friend who was paralyzed in a car accident.

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A new grafter, I quite like the colours and the image is of the famous photo V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

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A couple Banksys going for an extraordinary amount of money. I love the guy as much as anyone, by 60k (high estimate...imagine will go more) for a small canvas is shocking.

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close up of the diptych

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Really like this barcode shark by Banksy, hadn't seen it before.

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and finally, an Invade piece set in glass, hadn't seen the Pacman image before, would be great if i actually had a desk to put it on!

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