Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sweet Toof and Shan Hur - Having a Dig

Arch 402 launched their first large show in sometime tonight featuring Sweet Toof and Shan Hur with Having a Dig.  Sweet Toof is fairly well known in London for his work around Shoreditch and  with the Burning Candy Crew.  I hadn't heard of Shan Hur before the show but that probably says more about me than it does him.

Roll On 5/5
Sweet Toof's work around me is pretty comical.  It's amusing, but I had never been overly impressed with it walking by.  I wanted to check out the show as he's a local guy and you gotta support that.  I definitely left with a greater appreciation for his work.  I'm a sucker for work done with, or on, unusual materials (or at least not as common as screen printing).

I thought the woodcut prints with the sepia wash were really nice, a different way of printing that a lot of other contemporaries aren't doing much of.  The difference that each one produced was really significant in terms of both the image and the colour.  There were two of these and they were both an edition of 5 with an AP.

I thought the other smaller pieces were great as well.  It was a shame the Dame sold, they were two painting on wood, both APs and both sold before I got there.
Taxi 'toof' grill

The work outside was also brilliant.  The grill on the taxi sitting outside the gallery was a nice touch and the massive mural behind the gallery was impressive.

The bigger pieces lost me a bit, but I always picture art as how it would look hanging on a wall at home, and they were a bit too guady for my taste.  I think the gums work better on a smaller scale.

Roll On Two 1 of 5

Dame - two APs on wood

This was the one screenprint, it was an edition of 10

A horse(?) on the ground filled with sweet toof teeth

The mural behind Arch 402

Hur's colum in the middle of the room, really creative.

One of the smaller canvasses

Roll On 5/5


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