Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stik and Slinkachu

One of the best nights of the year so far for shows in London.  Two shows which contrasted in both style and substance both came off as successful in my opinion.

The Stik show was held at the Subway Gallery, a gallery the size of a living room located underground in the subway by Edgeware Rd Station.  Stik was given the gallery for the next three weeks and his latest print by Squarity was released.  He hasn't released one in some time so it was nice to see an edition of 50 so plenty can get one.  The coloured variants were either 1/1 (red, pink, gray) or numbered out of 2 or 3.

Stik was also there painting during the show which is a nice touch.  Small crowd, chips and beer brought by Stik, a nice warm show.

Slinkachu's show was quite a contrast.  Nestled in South Ken back streets the show was slick from the outside with broad shouldered bouncers making sure your name was on the list.  This was my first time at a Slinkachu show and I was blown away.

Slinkachu works by taking minature figures and creating a scene on the street.  The figures are so small that they'd be almost impossible to see passing by, so he takes a stunning photo of each one, which is what was displayed here.

Hopefully the pictures do it some justice because it was a fantastic show.

Subway Gallery

Wall in the subway where Stik was painting

Great idea, little mini OGs for 35 pounds

The prints.  The middle yellow is the edition with the others as APs

Stik packaging up a print

Light boxes for 900 pounds


Andpida Gallery

This was my favorite, burning embers

Saw this hiding in the back room...

Really loved this

Another black and white picture i loved, stranger danger


  1. Stik is shit. Kind of stuff my 5 year old draws on a bad day and Slinachu's flogging photos for over a grand to idiots with too much money to burn.
    If you think this is reflective of street art you need to get out more.

  2. Different strokes i guess mate...maybe you should sell some of your kids work because most of the Stik was sold very quickly last night.

    What do you consider street art? Because there aren't many artists with more work on the street than Stik.

    And all of Slinkachu's photos are taken...wait for it...on the street.

  3. I dunno if I could compress so much data into a simple stick figure now, and Im slightly older than a 5 year old (but then again, not very talented :) ). I like how he's able to show complicated body language in a figure made of simple lines.
    It's like compacting a 100 pages long novel into a single sentence, and there's brilliance in that.


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