Thursday, 4 November 2010

Black Rat Exhibition + Swoon

I was lucky enough to be able to take a sneak peak of the Black Rat Exhibition opening this evening.  It's their first group exhibition in some time and feature new installation work from Swoon and Matt Small (both managed by Black Rat) as well as pieces by Know Hope, Dotmaster and Armstrong.

Know Hope is someone to keep an eye on.  He's an American living in Tel Aviv and his work is extremely detailed and multilayerd.  He uses a variety of mediums in his work, and rumour has it that a solo London show isn't too far away.

It was also nice seeing some new Swoon work, the result of her recent trip to Haiti.  She also went out and put a few pasteups around Shoreditch which you'll see below.  As well as her being a great artist, she now has the honour of being in my collection.  Very excited to have one of her pieces in my flat.

A lot going on this week in Shoreditch, I missed the opening of the new group show at the Crypt Gallery last night but hope to make it there soon.  Otto Schade is not to be missed.  For more information click here.

There's a few openings tonight, Black Rat being the most prominent (and most full of free alcohol) but I'll be stopping at the Resistance Gallery first to see the new photo exhibition of Urban Explorers.  For more information about tonight's opening click here.

Know Hope.  I love how the flag is flying in the picture frame adding a new layer to the piece.

Know Hope

Swoon.  Unfortunately, this piece won't be in the show tonight as she wasn't happy with how the children look.  I'm sure they'll be something else quite good though.  I like this piece, the background colours are fantastic.

A view of Swoon's piece made from collected images of her trip to Haiti.

Swoon on the street

Swoon on the street.
Know Hope

And here is my Swoon piece.  So excited about this.  It's hard to tell on the picture but the gold leaf in the woman's outfit is beautiful.

Girl From Ranoon - Swoon

Girl From Ranoon

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