Monday, 1 November 2010

A saturday stroll

The amount of street art in the area I live is astounding.  It's something I often take for granted walking past to get a coffee, or paper or kebab each day but occassionally I'll take out my camera and grab a few pictures of what's within a 10 minute walk of me.

This is just a taste (and heavy on the Roa), there's a lot more and I hope to do a post on Stick boy, Invader, and Vhils  all of whose pieces I enjoy quite a bit.

This is just down the road on Brick Lane, one of many Roa pieces in the area.  Next to it is another striking piece, though I'm not sure of the artist.

Right next to the above rat roa is this crow, also on Brick Lane

One of my new favorite Britsh artist, David Walker.  He had a piece for sale recently at the Drewatts auction and this is his piece on Curtain Rd.

Walking along the canal I spotted this massive gorilla.  Not sure of the artist but impressive that it's painted on metal, brick, and glass

This is on Red Church street.  There used to be a geat Otta Schade piece here but it's been painted over.  Very excited for Schade's group show this week though.

Again, walking along the canal stumbled across this Roa which I haven't seen before.

And finally, right around the corner from me, one of the most striking pieces I've seen (and I know I'm a Roa homer).  This is on Hanbury, just off Brick Lane

And finally, another amazing Roa piece that went up in Torino over the weekend. The detail is just incredible (photo courtesy of Wooster Collective)

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