Friday, 26 November 2010

Marks and Stencils - Banksy and Dran

The day after a fantastic Thanksgiving feast I was able to take the day off and head over to POW's new show: Marks and Stencils.

Oestensibly a show featuring Dran, the show has had packed crowds since it opened this morning to get a glimpes of the new Banksy pieces (all already sold) and the new print.

The 3D rat was the best of the new Banksy pieces but I really thought Dran was superb. The exhibition is on two floors in the building and downstairs is completely Dran's work.

It feels as if you're in his workshop, with work and props scattered around. Many pieces were done on found cardboard which worked very well.

Anyway, will write more later but just wanted to get some pics up so people could enjoy.

Self-portrait - Dran.  Done on artist cloth and paint, frame included.

Self-Portrait Dran

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  1. Nice overview, I hope I can get down there soon to check out the exhibition. Thanks for posting the pics!!


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